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Peru Recommended Tours
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Cusco & Machupicchu
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Machupicchu & Titicaca Lake
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Machupicchu & Nazca
11d / 10n
Machupicchu & Rainforest
11d / 10n
Inca Trail to Machupicchu
12d / 11n
Machupicchu & The Amazon
12d /11n
Machupicchu,Nazca & Titicaca
13d /12n
Wonders of Peru & Bolivia
14d /13n
From the Andes to the Rainforest
16d /15n
Total Peru Tour
22d / 21n
Honeymoon in Machupicchu
8d / 7n
Inti Raymi Tours
9d / 8n
Relax in Cusco
10d / 9n
Peru & Comfort
12d / 11n
Enjoy & Help in Peru
14d / 13n
Royal Tours in Peru
15d / 14n
Peru Mystic Experience
15d / 14n
Extreme adrenaline in Peru
16d / 15n
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Huacachina - Ica


Just 5km west of Ica, this tiny oasis surrounded by towering sand dunes nestles next to a picturesque (if smelly) lagoon that features on the back of Peru’s S/50 note. Graceful palm trees, exotic flowers and attractive antique buildings testify to the bygone glamour of this resort, which was once a playground for Peruvian elite. These days, it’s totally ruled by party-seeking crowds of international backpackers.

The only way to get to Huacachina from Ica is by taxi or mototaxi (US$1.20), or colectivo taxi (US$0.60).,

Huacachina (population: 115) is a tiny Peruvian village built around a natural oasis on the outer fringes of a beautiful but barren desert. Anyone who has ever dreamed about seeing the Sahara desert or visiting the vast deserts of the Arabian peninsula will be thrilled by the imposing sand dunes surrounding Huacachina and the palm-tree walkway around the oasis. Only the camels are missing.
Located about 5 hours south of Lima, Huacachina is just a few kilometers from the downtown of Ica. This means that if you are taking the bus to Cuzco, Nazca, or Arequipa, Huacachina is just minutes out of your way!!! Huacachina plays host to a large number of foreign and Peruvian tourists who flock to its sandy banks for two very different reasons: to relax in a hammock and soak in the sun, AND to satisfy their need for adrenaline on the white-knuckle sand buggy tours & sand-boarding down the slopes of 300 feet tall sand dunes.
The "golden age" of Huacachina was from around 1920 to 1950 when wealthy people from various corners of Peru came to soak in the waters of the oasis, which were considered to have medicinal properties. Nowadays it is clear that the golden age of the oasis has passed, and the place has a bit of a decayed appearance, since some of the colonial buildings haven't been well-maintained. However, never in its history has it seen as many visitors as the current era - it is a major hotspot for Peruvian and international tourists.

Huacachina makes a memorable and exciting addition to any trip to Peru. Some tourists turn Huacachina into a two or three day "rest break" on their way to or from other tourist destinations such as Nazca or Cuzco. However many tourists travel great distances just to visit the dunes of Huacachina. We hope to see you here soon, and will endeavor to answer any questions you have about the region,

The Huacachina Name and Legend(s)
Huacachina is Quechua for "The Crying Woman." Certainly a strange name for a desert oasis
Getting to Huacachina is easy and inexpensive.
First, take a bus to Ica. Buses leave frequently from Lima headed south, and from Arequipa and Nazca heading north. If you are coming from Lima, your choice of bus should depend on your budget and how much time you can spare. Flores is the absolute cheapest bus company, charging about 18 soles per person from Lima to Ica, but will take a painfully long time in arriving. Soyuz is slightly more expensive, and slightly faster. Cruz del Sur, a bus company aimed primarily at foreign tourists and wealthy Peruvians, offers direct service that is much faster than the other companies, because it doesnt stop anywhere along the way to pick up or drop off passengers. Naturally, their prices are double or triple the price of the budget companies. Cruz del Sur passengers should purchase their tickets a day or two in advance when possible because they often have a limited supply of tickets and buses.
Prices will increase significantly if you arrive on or around national holidays or regional celebrations. Holidays include Christmas, Semana Santa (April 9th to the 14th), New Years Eve, July 28th, and the Vendemia (from early to mid March), a holiday that celebrates the harvesting of the grapes.














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