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IWe were received with a very warm welcome and a heartfelt thanks by the town of Vicos in Ancash the other day for the donation of chairs that were made by Peru Tourism. The donation was made to the children of the primary school which is attended by 600 local students but unfortunately they lack many things, amongst them toys, books, furniture even basic sanitary equipment. The directors of Peru Tourism and staff were there on this very special occasion as Peru Tourism has adopted Vicos in the companies' volunteering programme to help assist in conservation of the environment, teaching, health and many other community projects.
Other items that were donated included water taps, water piping, cups, cement, office supplies, etc...

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Peru Volunteering programmes - Learn spanish in Lima Peru


Why work as a Volunteer?      
  1. You will never forget this unique experience!
  2. You help our society .
  3. You close the big gap between Peruvians and foreigners .
  4. Volunteers practice their language skills during the day and improve them without studying .
  5. It is like an exchange; you learn from the Peruvians and they, on the other side, are curious about your country .
  6. For you as a volunteer, this means gaining very helpful life and work experiences that you probably won’t find in your country of residence .
  7. You discover our culture in a different way than you would in a classroom .
Our volunteers meet a lot of local residents, and become friends for their whole life. top
Who can Work?      
  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. You should be interested and motivated to give something, to help our society.
  3. You don't have to bring experience with you, you will make it here.
  4. Your Spanish level should allow you to hold a conversation, thus you need an intermediate Spanish level. We recommend at least 4 weeks of Spanish classes.... top
Spanish courses in Lima and Cusco Peru      
    At Machu Picchu Spanish School you choose the way you want to learn Spanish:
  • Individual classes
  • Group lessons
  • A mix of both
  • Special immersion program

Individual classes

They are perfect if you want to progress faster or if you want to treat some specific topics such as e.g. economic vocabulary, read a book in Spanish and discuss it with your teacher.

Group classes

They are especially adapted if you study for a longer period. After a short evaluation you will enter your class according to your level. The group consists of maximum of 4 students. Both classes consist of 4 hours daily, 5 days a week

A mix of both

Group lessons in the morning and some individual classes in the afternoon? No problem. This choice allows you to progress even faster.

Special Immersion Program

You want to get the maximum out of your stay here at Machu Picchu Spanish School? We offer you an intensive course with 8 hours of individual instruction every day,daily lunch with your teacher, 2 excursions around Cusco with your teacher and host family plus.

Further information

We use books, copies and other materials, to develop oral, written and listening skills. All tuitional materials are included in the price. Machu Picchu Spanish School offers you a variety of leisure time activities, namely salsa and cooking classes, cultural classes, a welcome dinner on Monday evening with the newcomers, a city tour and half an hour of free internet a day! .... . top
Volunteer in Hospitals      
This project is only for medical students or nurses in training. As such you’ve got the opportunity to assist a cardiologist and acompany him in his daily work.

"I am a medical student in New York who traveled to Peru after my first year. While in Peru the Macchu Piccu Spanish School was able to arrange a position for me with a cardiologist at the local hospital in Cusco. During my internship I was able to see patients with problems that I had only read about at home. This was an amazing medical experience which allowed me to get hands on practice. In addition, spending time interacting with the doctors and patients allowed me to integrate the Spanish skills that I was learning at the Machu Piccu School. I had an unbelievable time in Cusco, Thank you Machu Piccu Spanish School!" Brenden, USA
.... top
Volunteer in Peru with children      
    The aim of this project is to improve the nutrition of the children that go to a specific center on a daily basis. Most of them are between 5 and 6 years old, but some are only a few months old. The center also tries to improve their educational level. The 60 children stay in the center from 9 am until 2 or 3 pm, where they get a lunch of rich natural products and extra vitamins if necessary.

Your work could consist of:
  • Playing with the children
  • Teaching English
  • Organising outdoor activities
  • Participating and helping with the projects organised by the center ... . top
Volunteer in Prission      
This project is at a prison where 10 to 18 years old boys are sentenced for their offences. The aim of the center is to reintegrate the juviniles after their jail term into society.
In the center the men have to take classes, such as languages, maths, physics, chemistry, etc. but because the majority of them didn’t finish their education befor being arrested the jail offers them a technical education to become shoemakers, tailors, painters and carpenters.

Your work could consist of:
  • Helping the juviniles with their homework
  • Participating and helping in the technical education
  • Teaching English, French, etc.
  • Organising entertaining activities and sporting events
  • Participating and helping with the activities that the project organises .... top
Volunteer in Peru with Street children      
This project thries to keep the children away from streetlife by assisting them in their schoolwork as well as teaching them some specific skills for craft work. Children who are selling sweets, cigarets and postcards in the streets can get assistance with their homework to allow them to at least finish primary school. The technical skills they learn for the craft products are: papier-mâché, tailoring, ceramics and bakery. The products are beeing sold in a cafeteria.

Your work could consist of:
  • Helping the administration with the project
  • Helping during the development of the trade
  • Helping to buy the products for the trade
  • Helping them with their schoolwork
  • Helping in the cafeteria ... . top
Volunteer in Peru with Elderly      
This project deals with people who come from around of Cusco. They either don’t have a family or have been abandoned. In general they speak Quechua and have difficulties communicating in Spanish.

The place is divided into two parts, one for men, and one for women. There are about 250 people living there.

Your work could consist of:
  • Helping the elderly during breakfast and lunch
  • Organising activities in the center
  • Organising plays
  • Helping with health compaigns
  • Helping the elderly in their daily ... . top
Volunteer in Kindergate      
Approximately 60 children who come from the lowest social class go to this kingergarten. The kindergarten is supported by the government and therefore has the necessary infrastructure and educational material. The kindergarten is closed during the months: December, January, February and March.

Your work could consist of:
  • Helping the responisible pedagogues
  • Teaching English and French
  • Organising outdoor activities
  • Participating and helping with the activities organised by the project leader .... top
Volunteer with mentally Handi      
This educational center accomodates approximately 250 students of primary school level. They come from the poorest parts of Cusco and the school is trying to integrate them into econimical, social and cultural life.

Tasks of the institution:
  • Basic school education
  • Professional education (e.g. craft work, tailor, carpenter)
  • Additional services such as psycological aid, social services, language therapy, rehabilitation, and physical therapy
Your work could consist of:
  • Assisting the pedagogues in the developement of the classes. If you are a specialized teacher in this field you have the possibility to prepare and teach classes
  • Teaching English and French
  • Organising outdoor activities, mainly sport activities
  • Participating and helping with the activities that the center organises
  • Participating and helping with the professional education .. . top
Volunteer in a Children’s Home      
Abandoned children up to 13 years old live in this home. The reason for being abandoned by theire parents is their economical situation. The center is financed by a Spanish organisation and offers the children medical treatment and physical development. The children attend normal classes in an public school.

Tasks of the institution:
  • Helping the smallest children during lunchtime
  • Assisting the children with personal hygiene (e.g.bathing, changing nappies etc.)
  • Playing with the children
  • Helping them with their schoolwork
  • Organising entertaining activities
Volunteer in agriculture      
Outside Cusco is the biggest greenhouse farm of Peru. The aim is to cultivate different vegetables and some fruits that can’t grow in the harsh climate in the Andes, such as salads and tomatoes. The farm has furthermore a small bakery, a center where local woman learn how to sew and knit and there are several classrooms for children up to 8 years. Due to it’s isolated location, volunteers would live at the farm.

Tasks of the institution:
  • Assisting in the greenhouses
  • Teaching the children (e.g. maths, english, geography etc.)
  • Playing with the children ... . top

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