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San Martin Info
San Martin Info

The San Martin department is home to both high and low jungles. One key attraction in this area is the Rio Abiseo National Park. This park is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations and is home to thirty-six archeological sites. In addition to this cultural aspect, the park contains 980 species of flora, particularly bromeliads, orchids, and ferns, 220 species of birds and over fifty species of mammals such as the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, the Andean deer, the spectacled bear, and the jaguar, all of which are endangered and nearing extinction. The department is littered with lakes, hot springs with medicinal properties, and water falls. In addition to the Rio Abiseo National Park, San Martin is home to the Alto Mayo Protection Forest and the Cordillera Azul National Park both equal in excellence to Rio Abiseo..

San Martin Tourist Information

San Martín is a zone full of fertile valleys and rough terrain that is spread out between the Andean mesa and a small area of lower jungle. The first Spanish city in the jungle, named Santiago de los Ocho Valles de Moyobamba, was founded there in 1549. It served as a base for later colonization and departmental growth as well as the site where the first religious orders established themselves.
Abiseo River National Park (274,520 hectares) is part of the select UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List and it contains eight live zones and thirty-six registered archeological sites. There are 980 species of flora, in particular the bromeliads, orchids, and ferns, more than 220 species of birds, and nearly fifty species of mammals like the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, the Andean deer, the spectacled bear, and the jaguar, species nearing extinction. The park also has fascinating archeological remnants of the Chachapoyas like the Gran Pajatén, Los Pinchudos, and La Playa archeological site with the characteristically circularly shaped stone buildings decorated with geometric designs and diverse figures in relief.

Small lakes, hot springs with restorative properties, and lovely waterfalls dot the entire department. Other attractions are the Alto Mayo Protection Forest and the Azul Cordillera National Park, protected areas that guard veritable treasures of nature.
Map of San Martin
San Martin Map
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San Martin Gallery Picutres
San Martin Accomodations

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Useful information
Moyobamba (860 masl / 2822 fasl)
Lowest point: 190 masl / 623 fasl (Pelejo)
Highest point: 3080 masl / 10.105 fasl (Agua Blanca)
The department of San Martin is defined by its diversified climate and variable geography that includes fertile valleys, rough terrain, Andean flatlands, and a small area of lower jungle with floodable zones and smooth terrain.
The climate in Moyobamba is hot and humid, December to March is the most rainy time. The average annual maximum temperature is 29ºC (84ºF) and the minimum is 18ºC (64ºF).
Access routes
Access routes
By land:
-Lima – Chiclayo – Olmos – Bagua – Rioja – Moyobamba – Tarapoto: 1445 km / 898 miles on the Pan-American Highway North and Fernando Belaunde Terry or Marginal de la Selva Highway (22 hours by bus)
-Lima – Pacasmayo – Cajamarca – Balsas – Leimebamba – with a turnoff at Chachapoyas – Pedro Ruiz: 1547 km / 961 miles on the Pan-American Highway North and Fernando Belaunde Terry Highway (28 hours by car)
-Lima – Huánuco – Tingo María – Tocache – Juanjui – Tarapoto: 1020 km / 634 miles on the Central Highway and Fernando Belaunde Terry or Marginal de la Selva Highway (20 hours by car)
By air:
Regular flights to Tarapoto from Lima (1 hour) and Iquitos (45 minutes).
Air taxi services are offered in the department.
By river:
Iquitos–Yurimaguas: on the Amazon, Marañon, and Huallaga Rivers then continuing to Tarapoto on the highway (136 km / 85 miles) that connects at Yurimanguas
Distances from the city of Moyobamba to the following cities
- Bellavista (Province of Bellavista) 214 km (133 miles) / 4 hours
- San José de Sisa (Province of El Dorado) 149 km (93 miles) / 4 hours
- Saposoa (Province of Huallaga) 254 km (158 miles) / 4 hours and 40 minutes
- Lamas (Province of Lamas) 112 km (70 miles) / 2 hours
- Juanjui (Province of Mariscal Cáceres ) 253 km (157 miles) / 5 hours
- Picota (Province of Picota) 176 km (109 miles) / 3 hours and 40 minutes
- Rioja (Province of Rioja) 20 km (12 miles) / 20 minutes
- Tarapoto (Province of San Martín) 113 km (70 miles) / 1 hour and 30 minutes
- Tocache Nuevo (Province of Tocache) 427 km (265 miles) / 9 hours and 30 minutes.     
Tarapoto: Guillermo del Castillo Paredes Airport FAP Jiron Jiménez Pimenta. Telephone: (042) 52-2278 Roja: Juan Simons Vela Airport Jiron Teobaldo Lopez y Raimondi. Telephone: (042) 55-8434. Moyobamba: Antonio Siimons Vela Airport Jiron Dos de Mayo, block 17. Only for Special Services Juanjui: Juanjui Airport Jiron Mariscal Castilla, block 14. Telephone: (042) 545023 – 545632 Tocache: Tocache Airport Avenida Belaunde - Villa Mercedes.
Overland Transport
Overland transport
Moyobamba: Bus Station. Avenida Grau Tarapoto: There is no bus station; however, the majority of companies is located between the sixth and eighth block of Avenida Salaverry.
Health Centers
health centers
Tarapoto: Tarapoto General Hospital. Jiron Leguia. Telephone: (042) 52-2192 Banda de Shilcayo Hospital. Jiron Pajaten, block 2 Banda de Shilcayo. Telephone: (042) 52-6112 Juanjui: Health Services Network. Jiron Arica 205. Telephone: (042) 54-5151 / 54-5782. Attention: 24 hours Moyobamba: Moyobamba Hospital. Avendia Grau. Telephone: (042) 56-2524 Moyobamba Health Network. Avenida Grau. Telephone: (042) 56-2160 Lluyllucucha Health Center. Jiron 2 de Mayo. Telephone: (042) 56-2509 Tocache: Rural Tocache Hospital. Jiron Jorge Chavez 808. Telephone: (042) 55-1016.
Local Police
police station
Tarapoto: San Martin Police Front. Jiron Ramirez Hurtado, block 2. Telephone: (042) 52-2141. Attention: 24 hours National Police of Peru. Avenida Salaverry Morales. Telephone: (042) 52-2929. Attention: 24 hours Moyobamba: National Police of Peru. Jiron Pedro Canga Main Square. Telephone: (042) 56-2141 / 56-2508. Attention: 24 hours Juanjui: National Police of Peru. Jiron Iquitos, block 6. Telephone: (042) 54-5018. Attention: 24 hours Rioja: National Police of Peru. Jiron Teobaldo Lopez 250. Telephone: (042) 55-8515 Tocache: National Police of Peru. Jiron Fredy Aliaga, block 4. Telephone: (042) 55-1152.
Craft market
craft market
- Moyobamba: The stores are located in: 3rd block of Jiron Callao 4th block of Jiron Serafin Filomeno Main
- Square Rioja: The stores are located in: 11th and 12th blocks of Jiron Santo Toribio 2nd block of Jiron Grau 5th - block of Julio Arana Tarapoto: Most of the stores are located downtown.
Postal Service
postal services
Tarapoto: Jiron San Martin 482. Telephone: (042) 52-2021. Attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. Juanjui: Prolongacion Huallaga 126. Telephone: (042) 54-5066 Lamas: Calle San Martin 1348. Telephone: (042) 54-3103. Attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. Moyobamba: Jiron Serafín Filomeno 501. Telephone: (042) 56-2209 Rioja: Jiron Almirante Grau 736. Telephone: (042) 55-8007. Attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. Tocache: Jiron Bolognesi 650. Telephone: (042) 551346 Regional Government of SAN MARTIN
Tourist Information
tourist information

IPerú, Tourist Information and Assistance Service. More information click here Dircetur San Martin IPerú, TOURIST INFORMATION. Email: or click here

Company name
Web Site / Email
Empresa De Transportes Paredes Estrella S.R.L
(065) 35-1307
Empresa de Transportes Turismo Yurimaguas S.A.C
(065) 35-2356
Empresa de Transportes y Servicios Múltiples Turismo Sol Naciente S.A.C
(065) 35-1669
Empresa de Transportes y Servicios Turísticos Selva S.A
(065) 35-3102
Civa - Turismo Civa S.A.C
(041) 47-8048
San Martin Cuisine
Typical dishes :

Among the typical dishes of the department, the following are most representative:

  • Juanes de arroz: Chicken mixed with rice seasoned with spices and, wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Inchicapi: Chicken soup with peanuts, cilantro, and yucca.
  • Avispa juane: Chopped pork, mixed with garlic and spices, bound with egg and flour; this is boiled and wrapped in achira leaves like a tamale.
  • Tacacho con cecina: Crushed bananas mixed with lard then baked or fried. It is served with dry meat.
  • Chunchulijuane: Mashed yucca, cilantro, and chicken innards, wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Chontajuane: Mashed chonta, palm, and paiche (fish), wrapped in banana leaves.
Sarajuane: Mashed corn and peanut filled with pork, wrapped in banana leaves .
Tumbes cuisine
San Martin - Chachapoyas Tourism Info
Headquater Lima
Guzman barron st. 3816
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