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Moquegua Info

The deaprtment of Moquegua located in Southern Peru, is an area characterized by picturesque towns whose charm is that they retain their centuries old traditions. Moquegua is a wine growing region and wine tasting is activity which can be enjoyed by tourists. The region is also a producer of the Peruvian beverage, Pisco. The capital city, also known as Moquegua, is a quaint city characterized by traditional houses with slanted roofs. The main square of the city contains a fountain designed and built by Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The main cathedral, known as the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, is home to the remains of Santa Fortunata, an early christian martyr. Outside of the city, beaches along the coast have white sand and beautiful rock formations. The port of Ilo, a commercial centre, is located west of the capital on the coast.

Moquegua Tourist Information

The department of Moquegua possesses a varied terrain with gorges and valleys, desert and rocky zones, and rich soil perfect for agriculture, especially cultivating wine grapes.
Life moves at a slower pace in cities like Moquegua that is characterized by its traditional houses with slanted roofs, its sunny climate the whole year long, and the production of excellent piscos, fruit, and desserts. The Main Square is decorated with a fountain designed by Gustave Eiffel, and in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, the inhabitants venerate the bodily remains of Santa Fortunata, a martyr from the first centuries of Christianity.

There are several, small picturesque towns dotting the department of Moquegua such as Torata with its impressive eighteenth century mills that still use stone to grind and its homes with slanted roofs and the fertile valleys like that of Omate, famous for its fruit and river shrimp. The port of Ilo is the main industrial dock for southern Peru, and the beaches down in this part of the coastline are of fine, white sand broken now and again by spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

Map of Moquegua
Moquegua map
Moquegua Photo Gallery
Moquegua Gallery picture
Moquegua Accomodations

Moquegua Hotels directory

Hotel directory with a comprehensive listing of the most important bed and breakfast, homestay, hostel, hotel, lodges, haciendas, estancias, and other establishments where you can stary during your visit.

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Moquegua Useful information
Capital Moquegua (1,410 m.a.s.l.)
Lowest point:5 m.a.s.l. (Pueblo Nuevo)
Highest point: 3,756 m.a.s.l. (Ichuña)
Weather ayacucho
The city of Moquegua has a dry, warm, and sunny climate all year long. The average annual maximum temperature is 26ºC (79ºF) and the minimum is 17ºC (52ºF)
Access Route
access route to Puno
By land:Lima – Moquegua: 1,146 km by the Pan-American Highway South (14 hours by car)
Arequipa – Moquegua: 227 km by the Pan-American Highway South (3 hours by car)
Tacna – Moquegua: 159 km by the Pan-American Highway South (1 hour and 30 minutes by car)
Distances from the city of Moquegua to the following cities:
Omate (Province of General Sanchez Cerro) 141 km / 3 hours
Ilo (Province of Ilo) 99 km / 40 minutes
Hernán Turque Podesta Airport
Alto de la Villa
Ilo Airport
Pampa de Palo (kilometer marker 7 of Costanera Highway South)
Telephone: (053) 79-5021.
Overland Transport
Overland transport

Bus station
Avenida Ejercito, blocks 2 and 3
Hours of attention: Mon. – Sun. 6:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Pampa Inalambrica (kilometer marker 7 of Costanera Highway South)
Hours of attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M

Health Centers
health centers

Mariscal Nieto Reference Center of Moquegua (Ministry of Health Hospital)
Av. Bolivar
Telephone: (053) 76-2410
Hours of attention: 24 hours
San Francisco Health Center
Calle Daniel Becerra Ocampo
Telephone: (053) 76-1918
Hours of attention: 24 hours
Miramar Health Center
Jiron Pacifico
Telephone: (053) 78-2672
Hours of attention: Mon. – Sat. 7:30 A.M. – 7:30 P.M.
Sun. Emergencies only

Local Police Station
police station

Comisaría de Moquegua. Calle Ayacucho 808. Tel. (053) 76-1391

Postal Service
postal services

Calle Ayacucho 560
Main Square
Telephone: (053) 76-1049 / 76-2551
Hours of attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 6:30 P.M.
Avenida Mariano Urquieta, block 3
Telephone: (053) 78-1081
Hours of attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 7:30 P.M.

Tourist Information
tourist information

Regional Government of Moquegua IPerú, Tourist Information Email:Email: or click here

Moquegua Transportation
Company name
Web site / Email
Empresa de Transporte Moquegua Turismo S.R.Ltda
(053) 76-2869
Transportes Cruz del Sur S.A.C
(043) 32-1283
Tepsa - Transportes El Pino S.A.C
Transportes Turismo San Martín E.I.R.Ltda
(053) 76-3584
Civa - Turismo Civa S.A.C
(041) 47-8048
Moquegua Cuisine
Typical dishes :

Among the typical dishes of the department, these stand out:

  • Patasca moqueguana o caldo de mondongo: soup made with cow innards, corn, and mint.
  • Picante de cuy: Guinea pig stew cooked in a peanut and aji panca (hot pepper) sauce.
  • Chupe de camarones: Shrimp soup make with milk, eggs, and oregano.
  • Cebiche de jurel or mixto: raw fish and/or shellfish marinated in lemon juice. It is served with onions, potato, sweet potato, corn, and lettuce.
  • Parihuela: soup made with the base of aji colorado (hot pepper), onion, tomato, and a huge variety of fish and shellfish.
  • Chupín de pejesapo: soup with a base of onion, tomato, aji (hot pepper), and bumblebee catfish.
  • Sudado de machas: stew made with onions, tomato, aji (hot pepper), surf clam, white wine and vinegar. It is served with boiled potatoes.
  • Aguadito de mariscos: rice stew with vegetables with shellfish added.
  • Chicharrón de pulpo: pieces of octopus, fried. It is served with onion salad, tomato, potatoes, and cooked sweet potatoes.
  • Picante de mariscos: a stew made with mashed potatoes and aji colorado (hot pepper), pieces of shellfish (limpets, surf clams) and sea weed (cochayuyo).
  • Cuy frito: Guinea pig breaded with corn meal and fried.

The following is a list of the most typical desserts:

  • Manjarblanco: sweetened, condensed milk cooked down and used as a spread.
  • Alfajor de Penco: soft cookie.
  • Various cakes and pies: corn, guargueros (lightly fried crispy pastry filled with manjar blanco), oquendos (sweet pastry)

The most traditional drinks are:

  • Macerado de damasco: peach liqueur made with pisco.
  • Leche de monja: liqueur prepared with a cordial, eggs, and lemon.
  • Chimbango de tres higos: liqueur prepared with red, black, and green figs.
  • Wine, pisco, licorice, cognac, and other pisco based fruit liquers.
The Pisco Route

Moquegua is a special place where excellent piscos are created from the vineyards dotting the entire area of the Moquegua Valley. The Pisco Route allows the visitor to get to know the old colonial bodegas where the best vineyards in the department.


Tumbes cuisine
Sea food - Cebiche
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