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Madre de Dios
Madre de Dios Info

The Madre de Dios department contains some of the most pristine virgin rainforest on the earth. The department is criss-crossed by rivers and boats are the primary mode of transport in the region. The capital, Puerto Maldonado, is also the touristical hub of the department and is a necessary stop in order to gain access to the department's national parks. The Manu National Park is the largest protected area in the department and the most diverse. It is home to 800 species of birds and 200 species of mammals. This park set the record for the greatest amount of bird sightings in one day with 324 species of birds seen. The Tambopata-Candamo National Park is the most biodiverse area in the world with the most variety of mammals, tree, insect, and bird species in the world as well as the world record for the greatest diversity among species of butterflies. Another protected area in this department is the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. One of the reasons for touristical attraction is the lack of population in the department. The Madre de Dios department is the least populated in Peru. Because of this, the rainforest has remained almost untouched and is virgin and pristine. Accessibility to the department is easy as there are daily flights to Puerto Maldonado from Lima and Cusco. There is also a road connecting it to the Cusco department although it is being repaved as part of the Interoceanic Highway.

Madre de Dios Tourist Information

Exuberant is the word that describes Madre de Dios with its infinite forests, sinuous rivers that rush towards the ocean, and life abounding in all its corners. Puerto Maldonado, the capital city, is an obligatory stop along the way to gain entrance to the national parks and reserves located in the area, and it has been, at certain moments, an important exporting site for rubber, wood, gold, and petroleum. At present, two of the main economic activities there are eco-tourism and chestnut harvesting.
At only ten kilometers from Puerto Maldonado, or a one and half hour hike, you find Lake Sandoval, bordered by aguajales (swampy areas full of palm trees), orchids, kapok trees, caoba trees, and Mauritanian palm trees that grow up to thirty meters tall. The lake is also the home for a large variety of species such as toucans, macaws, parrots, egrets, tapirs, turtles, and the refuge for river otters and black caimans, two species on the brink of extinction. In the areas around Lake Valencia, 60 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado by the Madre de Dios River, there are several indigenous communities where the people make their living from fishing for tiger shovelnose catfish, gilded catfish, and paiche; this area is the habitat for plenty of flora and fauna, too.
The Manu National Park (1,716,295 hectares), located in the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios, protects more than 800 bird species, 200 species of mammals, gigantic trees, as well as being home to indigenous communities. This is the park that set the world record for the number of bird species seen in one day at one spot with 324 species. The Tambopata-Candamo National Park (274,690 hectares) is known to possess the greatest diversity of mammal, tree, insect, and bird species in the world as well as the world record for the amount of butterfly species.

Additionally, the only humid tropical savannah in Peru is found at the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park (1,091,416 hectares). The highlighted species here are the manned wolf and the marsh deer, both close to extinction, as well as the giant anteater, giant river otter, the bushdog, the black caiman, and the harpy eagle.


Map of Madre de Dios
Map of Madre de Dios
Madre de Dios Photo Gallery
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Madre de Dios Accomodations

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Madre de Dios Useful information
Capital:Puerto Maldonado (183 masl / 600 fasl)
Lowest point: 183 masl / 600 fasl (Puerto Maldonado)
Highest point: 500 masl / 1640 fasl (Boca Manu)
The city of Puerto Maldonado has a hot and wet climate. The average annual maximum temperature is 26ºC (77ºF) and the minimum is 8ºC (24ºF). The rainy season is from December to March
Distances from the city of Madre de Dios::
Access routes
Salvación(Province of Manu) 1 hour to Puerto Laberinto by road and 3 days by river Iñapari(Province of Tahuamanu) 244 km (152 miles) / 4 hours by car
Padre José Aldamiz International Airport. km. 7 of La Pastora-La Joya Highway. Telephone: (082) 57-1533 / 57-1531 / 57-1532
Overland Transport

There is no bus station; however, the companies that travel the Puerto Maldonado-Iberia-Iñapari route are concentrated at the corner of Jiron Ica and Jiron Piura, and those that travel the Puerto Maldonado-Cusco route are located in the 3rd block of Avenida Tambopata

Health Centers
health centers

Victor Alfredo Lazo Peralta Hospital (ESSALUD – Ministry of Health)
Avenida Andrés Avelino Cáceres, km. 3. Telephone: (082) 57-1074

Santa Rosa Hospital
Jiron Cajamarca 171. Telephone: (082) 57-1019 / 57-1030. Attention: 24 hour1
Local Police Station
police station

National Police of Peru Madre de Dios Sub-Region. Jiron Daniel Alcides Carrion (Intersects with Jiron Puno). Telephone: (082) 80-3504 / 80-3464. Attention: 24 hours.

Craft market
craft market
Different areas where stores can be found in Puerto Maldonado. Among them, there are the Main Square and the Airport
Postal Service
postal services

Avenida Leon Velarde 675 Puerto Maldonado. Telephone: (082) 57-1088. Attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M

Tourist Information
tourist information

Regional Government of Madre de Dios  www.regionmadrededios.gob.peIPerú, Tourist Information Email:Email: or click here

Madre de Dios Transportation
Company name Contact Web site/ Email
Transporte Aragón S.A (082) 57-1027   
Transporte Santa Rosa (082) 57-2395  
Madre de Dios Cuisine
Typical dishes :

Among the typical dishes of the department, these stand out:

  • Juane: Rice seasoned with palillo, a Peruvian spice akin to turmeric, and chicken wrapped in banana leaves.
  • Inchicapi: Chicken soup with Brazil nuts and rice.
  • Timbuche: Fish broth with green bananas and sacha cilantro (herb similar to cilantro in smell and flavor).
  • Asado de venado: Roast deer meat with rice and green banana.
  • Tacacho con cecina: Crushed bananas mixed with lard then baked or fried. It is served with dry meat.
  • Asado de picuro: The exquisite meat of an Amazonian rodent roasted over charcoal.
  • Caldo de carachama: Thick soup made of carachama fish, with bananas and cilantro

Traditional Drinks:

  • Refresco de cocona: Juice of a typical fruit of the area.
  • Masato: Drink made of cooked, crushed, and fermented yucca, with sweet potato or sugar added.
  • Refresco de aguajina: Delicious juice made with aguaje, edible fruit of a native palm tree.
  • Refresco de pihuayo: Juice made with the fruit of another native palm tree.
  • Chapo: Banana and sugar juice is served cold.
Tumbes cuisine
Sea food - Cebiche
Madre de Dios Tambopata /Puerto Maldonado Tourism Info
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