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Huanuco Info
The department of Huanuco is divided into two distinct geographical regions, the sierra and the jungle. The capital city, also known as Huanuco is located in the Andean sierra. It was founded in 1539 by the Spanish and ever since it has been a site of colonial architecture typical of the Peruvian Andes. On the opposite side of the department, in the jungle area, Tingo Maria, the department's second largest city is located. It is home to the Tingo Maria National Park which contains a variety of flora such as orchids, cat’s claw, and dragon’s blood, as well as animals such as little spotted cats, jaguars, reptiles, sachavacas, oilbirds, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, and the howler monkey. A tourist destination in this area is the Owl's cave home to nocturnal birds and the Turkey's Cave home to abundant vegetation.

Huanuco Tourist Information

The Department of Huanuco features two very distinct geographies: highland and upper jungle. The Andean zone is marked by the presence of the Huayhuash Cordillera, and the upper jungle spreads out throughout the western side of the Andes.
The city of Huanuco, capital of the department of the same name, lies on the banks of the Huallaga River, and the area is known for its fruit, coffee, and cacao production. The oldest evidence of human habitation in Peru was found in this territory: the Lauricocha man and the Temple of the Crossed Hands located in the outskirts of the city in Kotosh. In Huanuco Pampa, there are also interesting constructions from the time of the Incas.
Founded in 1539, the city of Huanuco was the site of an important cultural movement during the Colonial Period and the characteristic buildings of that movement are the Cathedral and the churches of San Francisco, San Cristóbal, and La Merced.
In Tingo Maria, some 120 kilometers from Huanuco, the thunderous Huallaga River runs. The Tingo Maria National Park (4,777 hectares) is located in that area and contains a great variety of flora (orchids, cat’s claw, and dragon’s blood) and fauna (little spotted cats, jaguars, reptiles, sachavacas, oilbirds, Andean cock of the rock, and the howler monkey). It is also the place where the Pumaringri mountain chain is found, also known as the Sleeping Beauty due to its striking similarity to a woman lying down.

The Cueva de las Lechuzas (Owl’s Cave) is home to nocturnal birds while in the Cueva de las Pavas (Turkey’s Cave) you can find pools of crystalline water and abundant vegetation.
Map of Huanuco
Huanuco map & provinces
Huanuco Photo Gallery
Huanuco Photo Gallery
Huanuco Accomodations

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Huanuco Useful information
Capital: Huanuco (1894 masl / 6212 fasl)
Altitud: Lowest point: 167 masl / 548 fasl (Honoria)
Highest point: 4100 masl / 13.448 fasl (Yarumayo)
The city of Huanuco has a temperate and warm climate and a rainy season between December and April. The annual average maximum temperature is 24ºC (75ºF) and the minimum is 18ºC (64ºF). 
Access routes
Access routes
By land: Lima – La Oroya – Huanuco: 410 km / 255 miles (8 hours by bus / 5 hours by car)
By air: Daily flights to Huanuco from Lima (45 minutes)
Distances from the city of Huanuco
Ambo (Province of Ambo) 24 km (15 miles) / 25 minutes
La Unión(Province of Dos de Mayo) 137 km (85 miles) / 5 hours
Huacaybamba (Province of Huacaybamba) 293 km (182 miles)
Llata (Province of Huamalies) 172 km (107 miles) / 5 hours
Tingo Maria (Province of Leoncio Prado) 120 km (76 miles) / 2 hours and 30 minutes
Huacrachuco (Province of Marañon) 358 km (222 miles)
Panao (Province of Pachitea) 63 km (39 miles) / 2 hours
Puerto Inca (Province of Puerto Inca) 362 km (225 miles) / 12 hours
Jesus (Province of Lauricocha) 81 km (50 miles) / 3 hours
Chavinillo (Province of Yarowilca) 72 km (45 miles) / 3 hours.     
Huanuco airport
FAP Alferez David Figueroa Fernandini Airport
Kilometer marker 6 of the Huanuco – Airport Highway. Telephone: (062) 51-3066
Overland Transport
Overland transport
The bus companies are situated at different locations in the city according to the destination:
-To Yarowilca, Lauricocha, Dos de Mayo, and Huamalíes: Block 5 of Jiron San Martin and Block 3-5 of Jiron Tarapacá
-To Ambo: Block 4-6 of Jiron Aguilar
-To Pachitea: Block 2 of Jiron Bolivar
-To Leoncio Prado y Pucallpa: Block 10 of Jiron General Prado; Kilometer 1 of the Central Highway and Block 2 of Jiron Hermilio Valdizan
-To Cerro de Pasco: Avenida Universitaria, District of Pillcomarca.
Health Centers
health centers
Regional Hospital: Jiron Hermilio Valdizan 910. Telephone: (062) 51-2400 / 51-3370. Attention: 24 hours.
Local Police Station
police station
National Police of Peru Headquarters: Jiron Constitucion 601, Huanuco. Telephone: (062) 51-2220 / 51-6480. Attention: 24 hours
Huanuco Police Station: Jiron Constitucion 621. Telephone: (062) 51-3117. Attention: 24 hours
Craft market
craft market
There are no specific craft markets, but you will find stores selling handicrafts in:
-Jr. General Prado cdra. 8.
-Block 11 of Jiron Dos de Mayo
-Block 7 of Jiron Huanuco
-Block 10 of Jiron Damaso Beraun
-Jiron Junin 453
Postal Service
postal services
Huanuco: Calle Dos de Mayo 1157. Telephone: (062) 51-2503
Attention: Mon. – Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. and Sun. 8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
Tingo Maria: Avenida Alameda Peru 451. Telephone: (062) 56-2100
Attention: Mon. – Sun. 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M
Tourist Information
tourist information
- Regional Government of Huánuco www.regionhuanuco.gob.-IPerú, Tourist Information Email: or click here
Company name
Web Site / Email
LC Busre S.A.C airline
517-2498 / 619-1313
Huanuco Cuisine
Typical dishes :
Destacan como platos típicos de la región:
  • Locro de gallina: guiso de gallina con cebollas, papas y ají.
  • Picante de cuy: guiso de cuy cocinado en salsa de maní y ají panca.
  • Pachamanca: carne de cerdo, papas, yucas y camotes cocidos al estilo prehispánico: bajo tierra, entre piedras calientes y sazonados con hierbas aromáticas como el chincho.
  • Tacacho con cecina: plátano asado o frito y machacado con manteca que se sirve acompañado con carne seca.
  • Juanes: Arroz con palillo y con trozos de gallina envuelta en hojas de bijao. (planta emparentada con el plátano).
  • Asado de picuro: carne de roedor amazónico de sabor muy agradable.
  • Inchicapi: sopa de gallina con maní, culantro y yuca.
  • Chifles: plátanos fritos en hojuelas.

Postres típicos:

  • Dulce de queso.
  • Dulce de papas.
  • Prestiños: rosquillas de yema fritas y bañadas en azúcar.
  • Picarones: aros de harina de camote y zapallo, fritos y bañados con miel de chancaca o melaza de caña.

Bebidas tradicionales:

  • Chicha de jora: licor de maíz macerado cuyo origen y consumo datan de épocas anteriores a los incas.
  • Chicha de molle: licor de molle fermentado.
  • Chicha de maní.
  • Guarapo de caña: bebida de caña dulce fermentada.
  • Licores a base de aguardiente de caña.
  • Masato: bebida de yuca cocida, machacada y fermentada con camote dulce o azúcar.
  • Aguajina: refresco de aguaje, una palmera local


Huanuco Cuisine

Huanuco Tourism Info
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