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Cajamarca Info
Cajamarca Info

The department of Cajamarca is a melting pot of colonial architecture, historical significance, and a beautiful countryside. The city played an important part in South American history as it was an Incan stronghold which was taken by the Spanish who eventually conquered the continent and formed the Viceroyalty of Peru. From the conquest of the area, the city of Cajamarca ceased to be an Incan city and the Spanish imposed there magnificent colonial architecture upon the city. The city retains this architecture and it is a focal point to tourism in the region. The area has many tourist destinations appealing to travelers with a variety of interests. These destinations are: Inca Baths, medicinal hot springs which were built by the Incas, the Ventanillas de Otuzco, an Incan cemetery carved into volcanic rock, Cumbemayo, a pre-Incan hydraulic engineering complex still working today, a picturesque hacienda called La Colpa, Kuntur Wasi, a commercial centre dating to 1100 B.C. also containing a museum thought to have the oldest gold artifacts known to man, and a zoo. The city of Cajamarca is home to the Ransom Room, an Incan room that the Spanish ordered to be filled with gold and silver to secure the release of the Incan ruler Atahualpa. The ransom was met but the emperor was still killed.

Cajamarca Tourist Information

The department of Cajamarca is characterized by slight slopes and highlands relatively low in comparison to the rest of the Peruvian Andes. The territory is made up of numerous valleys and gorges.
The city of Cajamarca brings together three ingredients that make it an unforgettable destination: a magnificent Colonial architecture, beautiful countryside, and a rich history since it was the scene of an important episode of South American history. Here, the Conquistador Francisco Pizarro captured the Inca Atahualpa who, in spite of fulfilling his part of the ransom, was killed. From that point onward, the conquistadors drafted the city in the traditional Spanish way, and today the Colonial constructions of the Cathedral, the churches of San Francisco, Belen, and la Recoleta, mansions, and monuments are preserved.

There are many excursion possibilities: the Inca Baths, thermo-medicinal hot springs where the Inca used to go after long trips, the Ventanillas de Otuzco (Otuzco Windows), a cemetery carved into a wall of volcanic rock, Cumbemayo, a demonstration of pre-Incan hydraulic engineering still functioning today, that is located in a wonderful natural area, the old hacienda La Colpa, where the cattle go to be milked at the sound of their name, Kuntur Wasi, a commercial center that dates to the year 1100 b.C. and its site museum with the numerous examples of the oldest objects of gold in the Americas, the Porcón farm, an agricultural and cattle cooperative surrounded by a pine forest, ideal for spending a day out of the city, visiting its small zoo of vicuñas, deer, little spotted cats, monkeys, and eagles, buying its milk products, or simply enjoying the landscape.

Map of Cajamarca
Map of Cajamarca
Cajamarca Photo Gallery
Cajamarca gallery pictures
Cajamarca Accomodations

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Useful information
Capital: Cajamarca (2720 masl / 8924 fasl)
Lowest point: 400 masl / 1312 fasl (Nanchoc)
Highest point: 3590 masl / 11.778 fasl (Hualgayoc)
The city of Cajamarca has a semi dry and temperate climate. The annual average maximum temperature is 22ºC (71ºF) and the minimum is 5ºC (42ºF). The rainy season begins in October and ends in April. 
Access routes
Access routes
By land:Lima – Trujillo – Cajamarca: 870 km / 541 miles by the Panamerican Highway North (13 hours by bus)
By air: Regular flights from Lima to Cajamarca (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Distances from Cajamarca to the following cities
Cajabamba(Province of Cajabamba) 125 km (78 miles) / 4 hours
Celendín(Province of Celendín) 107 km (66 miles) / 5 hours
Chota(Province of Chota)152 km (91 miles) / 8 hours
Contumazá(Province of Contumazá) 129 km (80 miles) / 4 hours
Cutervo(Province of Cutervo) 219 km (136 miles) / 9 hours and 30 minutes
Bambamarca(Province of Hualgayoc) 119 km (74 miles) / 6 hours
Jaén(Province of Jaén) 559 km (347 miles) / 11 hours
San Ignacio(Province of San Ignacio) 666 km (414 miles) / 13 hours
San Marcos(Province of San Marcos) 64 km (40 miles) / 1 hour
San Miguel de Pallaques(Province of San Miguel) 141 km (88 miles) / 4 hours and 30 minutes
San Pablo(Province of San Pablo) 108 km (67 miles) / 3 hours
Santa Cruz de Suncchubamba(Province of Santa Cruz) 210 km (130 miles) / 10 hours.     
Armando Revoredo Iglesias Airport
Km 3 on the Cajamarca – OtuzcoHighway
Telephone: (076) 82-2523
Attention: Mon. – Sun. 6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Overland Transport
Overland transport
There is currently no bus station, but the majority of inter-provincial bus companies are located in:
2nd and 3rd blocks of Avenida Atahualpa
2nd and 3rd blocks of Avenida Independencia.
Health Centers
health centers
Regional Hospital
Avenida Mario Urteaga 500. Telephone: (076) 82-2414 / 82-3864 / 82-8807
Attention: 24 hours
Jaen General Hospital
Prolongación Huamanatanga. Telephone: (076) 73-1268
Attention: 24 hours
Jose Soto Cadenilla Sub Regional Hospital
Jiron Exequiel Montoya 718. Telephone: (076) 84-113
Attention: 24 hours.
Local Police
police station
National Police of Peru Sub Region
Jiron Amalia Puga, Cajamarca
Telephone: (076) 82-5572 / 82-3438 / 82-2832
Attention: 24 hours.
Kraft market
craft market
The majority of shops selling handicrafts in the city of Cajamarca are located in:
- 10th block of Jiron Del Comercio
- 3rd block of Jiron 2 de Mayo
- 7th block of Jiron Belen.
Postal Service
postal services
Jiron Amalia Puga 778, Cajamarca
Telephone: (076) 82-4065
Attention: Mon. – Sat 8:00 A.M. – 9:15 P.M.; Sun. 8:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
Tourist Information
tourist information
Regional Government of Cajamarca:
IPerú, TOURIST INFORMATION. Email: or click here
Company name
Phone Contact
Web Site /Email
Roca S.C.R.L
(076) 36-3516
Cruz del Sur - Transportes Cruz del Sur S.A.C
(043) 32-1283
Tepsa - Transportes El Pino S.A.C
(043) 35-0072
Civa - Turismo Civa S.A.C
(041) 47-8048
Cajamarca Cuisine
Typical dishes :

Here is a list of the dishes the department is known for:

  • Picante de papa con cuy frito: cooked Guinea pig stew in a peanut and aji panca (hot pepper) sauce accompanied with potatoes.
  • Chicharron con mote: pork rinds fried in their own fat and accompanied with hominy or corn.
  • Humitas: mashed corn, sweet or salty, filled with cinnamon and raisins, wrapped in corn husks, and steamed.
  • Caldo verde: soup made with potatoes and aromatic herbs from the region.
Tumbes cuisine
Cajamarca Tourism Info
Headquater Lima
Guzman barron st. 3816

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