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Ayacucho Info

The Ayacucho department is located in the southern Andes and contains a number of tourist sites attracting many visitors. The capital city, also known as Ayacucho is said to have a church on every street corner. These churches were built by the Spanish in the colonial period and contain much artwork. The department is home to various Wari archeological sites. The cities and towns of Ayacucho

San Francisco Cathedral

specialize in creating and selling handicrafts. Many of the handicrafts are created in Huamanga stone a stone native to the department. The Vilcashuaman Archeological Site is an important Incan site.

Ayacucho Tourist Information

The Ayacucho department is crossed by two mountain ranges that divide it into three geographic parts: the altiplanic region towards the south, extreme highlands in the center, and tropical jungles in the northeast. The topography varies greatly as well as the climate.
It is known as “The city of churches” since people say that there is a church on practically every corner in Ayacucho. The Cathedral, the Company of Jesus Christ, San Francisco of Assisi, Santo Domingo, and Santa Clara are some of the most beautiful Colonial churches in the city.
The inhabitants are descendents of the powerful Waris who lived in a large part of this territory between the sixth and twelfth centuries and left the Wari citadel, an urban and commercial center, to posterity. You can also visit the Vilcashuaman Archeological Site, an important Incan administrative and religious center.

A good time to visit Ayacucho is during Holy Week since theirs is the most exciting and spectacular celebration in the entire country. Ayacucho, land of artisans, also offers its visitors impressive works of art like the retablos, small portable shrines that represents Andean scenes, Sarhua boards, which has worked into it one’s family tree, and carvings of alabaster, a material also known as Huamanga stone..

Map ofAyacucho
Ayacucho map
Ayacucho Photo Gallery
Ayacucho photo gallery
Ayacucho Accomodations

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Ayacucho Useful information
Capital: Ayacucho (2761 masl / 9058 fasl)
Lowest point: 330 masl / 1082 fasl (Santa Rosa)
Highest point: 3645 masl / 11.958 fasl (Chalcos)
The city of Ayacucho has a dry, very healthy, temperate climate with sunshine all year round
Access routes
Access routes

By land:
Lima-Ayacucho (via Libertadores) 565 km / 351 miles (7 hours by car)
Cusco-Abancay-Ayacucho 601 km / 373 miles (19 hours by car)
Huancayo-Ayacucho (via Colcabamba) 317 km / 197 miles(6 hours by car)
Huancayo-Ayacucho (via Ancco) 257 km / 160 miles (6 hours by car)
Huancavelica-Ayacucho (via Rumichaca) 245 km / 152 miles
(5 hours by car)
Huancavelica-Ayacucho (via Lircay) 221 km / 137 miles (6 hours by car)
Ica-Pisco-Ayacucho (via Los Libertadores) 389 km / 180 miles (5 hours by car)
By air:
Daily flights from Lima to Ayacucho (45 minutes)

Distances from the city of Ayacucho to the folowwing cities :
  • Cangallo (Province of Cangallo) 100 km (62 miles) / 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Huancasancos(Province of Huancasancos) 202 km (126 miles) / 7 hours viaHuancaraylla-Carapo
  • Huanta (Province of Huanta) 48 km (30 miles) / 45 minutes
  • San Miguel (Province of La Mar) 96 km (60 miles) / 3 hours
  • Puquio (Province of Lucanas) 870 km (541 miles) / 10 hours via Libertadores
  • Cora Cora (Province of Parinacochas) 810 km (503 miles) / 13 hours via Libertadores
  • Pausa (Province of Paucar del Sara Sara) 930 km (578 miles) / 16
  • hours via Libertadores
  • Querobamba (Province of Sucre) 214 km (133 miles) / 9 hoursHuancapi (Province of Víctor Fajardo) 124 km (77 miles) / 4 hours and 30 minutes
Vilcashuamán (Province of Vilcashuamán) 118 km (73 miles) / 3 hours
FAP Coronel Alfredo Mendívil Duarte.
Avenida Del Ejército 950 Ayacucho. Telephone: (066) 31-2418.
Attention: Mon. – Sun. 6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M
Overland Transport
Overland transport

There is not bus station; however, there are overland transport companies in
7th – 12th blocks of Avenida Mariscal Cáceres.
2nd – 4th blocks of Jiron Manco Cápac blocas.
1st block of Pasaje Cáceres.
4th block of Jiron9 de Diciembre.
2nd block of Jiron Libertad

Health Centers
health centers

Hospital Regional de Ayacucho (Ayacucho Regional Hospital)
Avenida Independencia 355 Ayacucho.
Telephone: (066) 31-2180. Attention: 24 hours a day

Local Police Station
police station

ede Central Policía Nacional del Perú (National Police of Peru Central Headquarters). Jiron 28 de Julio 325 Ayacucho.
Telephone: (066) 31-2055 / 31-6245. Attention: 24 hours.
Tourism Police. Jiron 2 de Mayo 100 Ayacucho.
Telephone (066) 31-7846. Attention: Mon. – Sun. 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M

Craft market
craft market
There are many areas where the craft markets are located in Ayacucho:
Mercado Artesanal Shosaku Nagase (Plazoleta El Arco).
Barrio Artesanal de Santa Ana.
7th – 9th blocks of Jiron Libertad.
1st block of Jiron París.
2nd block of Pasaje Bolognesi.
1st and 2nd block of Jiron Asamblea
Postal Service
postal services

Jiron Asamblea 295, Ayacucho
Telephone: (066) 31-2224. Attention: Mon. - Sat. 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M

Tourist Information
tourist information
Regional Government of Ayacucho: www.regionayacucho.gob.peIPerú, Tourist Information Email: or click here
Ayacucho Transportation
Company name
Web Site / Email
Ayacucho Express
(066) 32-1313, 32-8277 
Empresa de Servicios Múltiples Intiwatana S.R.L
Empresa de Transporte Expreso Vilcashuaman S.R.L
Empresa de Transporte Tinka Tours S.A.C
Empresa de Transportes Arcoiris S.R.Ltda
Empresa de Transportes de pasajeros Los Warpas S.A.C
(066) 52-7734
Empresa de Transportes Multiservicios Bella Esmeralda de Los Andes E.I.R.L
Empresa de Transportes Señor de Quinuapata
Empresa de Transportes y Multiservicios Nuevo León S.R.L
Empresa de Transportes y RepresentacionesTurismo Central S.A.
Expreso Internacional Palomino S.A.C
(066) 31-6906  
Expreso Los Chankas S.R.L
(066) 31-2391 
Expreso Molina Unión E.I.R.L
(066) 31-9989 
Expreso Wari S.A.C
(066) 32-6323 
Cruz del Sur
(066) 31-2813
Transportes Huamanga S.A
(066) 31-6972
Transportes Libertadores
(066) 31-8967
Turismo Divino Señor E.I.R.L
(066) 32-7987
Ayacucho Cuisine
Typical dishes :
The cuisine of Arequipa is one of the most varied in Peru. The best example of this are the different soups for each day of the week and other dishes like::
  • Qapchi: an appetizer made with cachipa or fresh cheese, crumbled and mixed with aji (a hot pepper), rocoto (a hot pepper), milk, oil and diced onions. It is served on a bed of potatoes.
  • Mondongo ayacuchano: a soup with a base of hulled corn cooked all night long with beef, cow stomach, and bacon (cuchiqara). It is seasoned with aji colorado, (hot pepper), blended and toasted and diced mint.
  • Patachi: whole wheat soup made with bacon, beef and vegetables.
  • Puca picante: potato stew with peanuts, blended and toasted, seasoned with aji panca (hot pepper) and fried pork rinds. It is served with rice and salad.
  • Uman caldo o caldo de cabeza: ram head soup, rice, potatoes and dehydrated potatoes. It is garnished with mint.
  • Cuy chactado: Guinea pig, breaded with corn flour and fried and served with golden potatoes and salad.
  • Pachamanca: different meats, potatoes, tender corn, lima beans and humitas (sweet tamales) cooked in a pit lined with heated stones in a pre-Hispanic style.
  • Teqtes: stew with a base of peas, pumpkin, quinua, lima beans, and dehydrated potato, seasoned with aji (hot pepper), garlic, fresh cheese, milk and eggs.
  • Pusra: toasted and blended barley soup with aromatic herbs, potatoes, peas, eggs, and milk.
  • Adobo ayacuchano: pork stew of onions and potatoes, seasoned with aji colorado (hot pepper) and spices.
  • Puchero: made with cabbage, fruit, chickpeas, sweet potatoes and yucca. It is usually prepared at Carnival.

Traditional Drinks:

  • Ponche: drink of peanut, sesame, and other spices.
  • There are also other traditional drinks like the chichas, fermented drinks made from various fruits and vegetables: chicha de jora (corn), chicha de molle (pepper tree seeds) and chicha de siete semillas (corn, wheat, barley and chickpeas).
In Ayacucho, there are also different types of bread like wawas, dulces de balay (maicillos, suspiros, oquendos), and mixturas. They also prepare mazamorras (a pudding-like dessert) of corn, pumpkin, llipta (mixture of different cereals) and others, as well as muyuchi, a typical Ayacucho ice cream.
Tumbes cuisine
Sea food - Cebiche
Ayacucho Tourism Info
Headquater Lima
Guzman barron st. 3816

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