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Ancash info

Ancash Info

The department of Ancash his home to the Cordillera Blanca, the highest mountain range in Peru. The department is the epicenter of Peru's adventure tourism sector and attracts visitors seeking to participate in all sorts of activities. The department is a paradise for trekkers and hikers as there is a vast network of trails ranging in difficulty. The benefit of trekking in Ancash is that only a select few trails have been commercialized. The scenery along these pre-Colombian trails is spectacular and there are more than 12,000 lakes. Picturesque villages are scattered throughout the department and are very hospitable. The most popular treks in the department are that of the Llama trek, the Cordillera Blanca, and the Cordillera Huayhuash. The capital city, Huaraz, has a small but reasonably developed skiing industry. Mountain biking is the fastest growing sport in the region. Mountain bikes ranging in quality are available to the traveler at each level of expertise. White water rafting is also a significant activity in the department. Rapids range in difficulty from novice to expert. Mountain climbing is a very large industry in the area. The department has a high concentration of peaks and is not very crowded. The weather is mild year-round and is easily accessible from Huaraz. Twelve of Peru's twenty tallest mountains are located in the department ranging from 5,000 to 6,700 meters or 15,000 to 22,000 feet. To the cultural tourist Ancash also has much to offer. The Callejon de Huaylas is home to Chavin de Huantar, an ancient archeological complex built over 3,200 years ago. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Picturesque cities litter the Callejon such as that of Recuay, Carhuaz, Yungay, and Caraz. These cities retain a unique blend of European and Andean architecture. One of the principal attractions of the department is the Huascaran National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is home to Peru's highest mountain, Mt. Huascarán.

Ancash Tourist Information

The department of Ancash starts on a slightly hilly coastal strip and climbs up to the highest snow-capped mountains in Peru. Spread out along the Callejon de Huaylas, a dazzling valley stuck between two mountain ranges, the Blanca and Negra Cordilleras, you will find picturesque and pleasant cities like Recuay, Carhuas, Yungay, and Caras, while the urban and commercial center of the area is the capital of Ancash, the energetic city of Huarás. It was between the years 1200 b.C. and 200 b.C. that the Chavín lived in the region, the same that left as their legacy the impressive archeological complex of Chavin de Huantar, which, in 1985, UNESCO placed on the World Cultural Heritage List. Throughout the entire department, you can see the most spectacular snow covered mountains, among them Mount Huascaran (6,768 ma.s.l.), the tallest peak in Peru. In addition, there are hot springs and spectacular lakes as those of Llanganuco; in all, it is an area perfect for adventure sports like white water rafting, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and trekking. The Huascaran National Park, placed on the World Natural Heritage List by UNESCO, guards wildlife species in its beautiful surroundings like condors, vicuñas, deer, pumas, Andean foxes, and viscacha.


Map of Ancash
Map of Ancash
Ancash Photo Gallery
Ancash gallery pictures
Ancash Accomodations

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Useful information
Capital: Huarás (3091 masl / 10.138 fasl)
Lowest point: 4 masl / 13 fasl (Chimbote)
Highest point: 3910 masl / 12.824 fasl (Shilla)
The city of Huarás has dry and moderate weather with an average maximum temperature of 24ºC (75ºF) and minimum of 7ºC (44ºF). The rainy season starts in October and ends in March. 
Access routes
Access routes
By land: Lima – Pativilca – Huarás: 400 km (249 miles) / 6 hours by car on an asphalt road
By air: Flights are available to the Anta Airport (Carhuaz) but not on a regular basis, (35 minutes).
Distances from the city of Huaras
Aija (Province of Aija) 68 km (42 miles) / 2 hours
Llamellín (Province of Antonio Raimondi) 223 km (138 miles) / 8 hours
Chacas (Province of Asunción) 118 km (73 miles) / 4 hours
Chiquián (Province of Bolognesi) 111 km (69 miles) / 2 hours and 30 minutes
Carhuaz (Province of Carhuaz) 35 km (22 miles) / 30 minutes
San Luis (Province of Carlos Fermin Fitzcarrald) 223 km (139 miles) / 6 hours
Casma (Province of Casma) 149 km (93 miles) / 5 hours
Corongo (Province of Corongo) 180 km (112 miles) / 6 hours
Huari (Province of Huari) 152 km (94 miles) / 4 hours
Huarmey (Province of Huarmey) 140 km (87 miles) / 5 hours
Caraz (Province of Huaylas) 69 km (43 miles) / 1 hour and 30 minutes
Piscobamba (Province of Mariscal Luzuriaga) 193 km (120 miles) / 7 hours
Ocros (Province de Ocros) 128 km (80 miles) / 4 hours
Cabana (Province of Pallasca) 234 km (145 miles) / 8 hours
Pomabamba (Province of Pomabamba) 298 km (185 miles) / 8 hours
Recuay (Province of Recuay) 25 km (16 miles) / 30 minutes
Chimbote (Province of Santa) 210 km (130 miles) / 6 hours
Sihuas (Province of Sihuas) 228 km (142 miles) / 8 hours
Yungay (Province of Yungay) 58 km (36 miles) / 45 minutes.     
Overland Transport
overland transport
Chimbador Bus station Urbanización 27 de Octubre, Pan-American Highway North, Chimbote
Aeropuerto Tte. FAP Jaime de Montreuil. Panamericana Norte km 421, Chimbote. Tel. (043) 31-1844 / 31-1062.
Aeropuerto Comandante FAP Germán Arias Grazziani. Anta, km 23 Carretera Huaraz – Caraz. Tel. (043) 74-3095.
Health Centers
health centers
Chimbote: ChimboteRegionalHospital.
Avenida Anchoveta. Telephone: (043) 31-1280
Huaraz: Victor Ramos Guardia Huaraz Support Hospital.
Avenida Luzuriaga. Telephone: (043) 42-4146
Local Police
police station
Chimbote. Jiron Leoncio Prado 401. Telephone: (043) 32-1651. Attention: 24 hours
Huaraz. Huaraz Police Station. Jiron Jose de Sucre, block 2. Telephone: (043) 42-1330. Attention: 24 hours
Yungay. National Police of Peru. Telephone: (043) 39-3300. Attention: 24 hours

YUNGAY HIGH-MOUNTAIN RESCUE SQUAD (Unidad de Salvamento de Alta Montaña USAM)
General Ines de Salas and Jaime Gonzales. Telephone: (043) 39-3333. Attention: 24 hours. E-mail:
Craft market
craft market

Callejon de HuaylasHandicraftCenter. SerpostBuilding, Main Square, Huaraz
Main Square Craft Fair. Plaza de Armas, Huaraz.

Postal Service
postal services
Chimbote. Avenida Pardo 294. Telephone: (043) 32-4073 / 34-6299
Huaraz. Avenida Luzuriaga 702. Telephone: (043) 42-1030 / 42-1031
Caraz. Jiron San Martin 909. Telephone: (043) 39-1094
Tourist Information
tourist information

Parque Ginebra 28-G. Telephone: (043) 42-1811. E-mail:

Company name
Web Site / Email
Cooperativa de Transporte Ancash
(043) 39-1126
Empresa de Transporte El Amigo del Milenio S.R.L
Linea - Empresa de Transporte Línea S.A
(043) 32-2416
Empresa de Transporte Móvil Tours S.A.C
(041) 47-8545
Empresa de Transporte Turismo Huaral S.A
(043) 42-8327
Empresa de Transportes 14 S.R.L
(044) 26-1008
Empresa de Transportes Los Andes S.R.L
(043) 42-7362
Empresa de Transportes San Bartolomé S.R.L
(043) 44-7109
Empresa de Transportes Sandoval
(043) 58-8516
Empresa Transportes Alas Peruanas S.R.Ltda
(043) 46-4089/(043) 42-7507
Expreso Ancash
(043) 39-1023 / (043) 39-4102
Cial - Expreso Cial S.A.C
(043) 42-9253
Expreso Huandoy
(043) 42-7507
Ormeño - Expreso Internacional Ormeño S.A
(043) 49-4102
Servicios Múltiples Copa S.A.C
Transporte Río Mosna
(043) 42-6632 / 42-9672
Transporte Yungay Express
(043) 42-4377
Cruz del Sur - Transportes Cruz del Sur S.A.C
(043) 32-1283
Tepsa - Transportes El Pino S.A.C
(043) 35-0072
Transportes el Rapido SRL
(043) 42-2887
Transportes Julio César S.R.L
(043) 39-6443
Turismo Andino
(043) 45-3155
Turismo Cavassa S.A.C
(043) 44-7036
Turismo Huari
(043) 45-4158
Turismo Rodríguez S.A.C
(043) 49-1184
Turismo Santiago S.R.L
(043) 44-7198
Ancash Cuisine
Typical dishes :

Check the most famous dishes in Ancash :

  • Picante de cuy: Guiso de cuy cocido a la leña y aderezado con ají colorado o amarillo. Tiene una variable antigua que es el jaka cashqui o caldo con cuy.
  • Cuchicanca: Lechón adobado en vinagre y horneado, servido con papas sancochadas y mote (maíz seco desgranado y hervido).
  • Tamales: Masa de maíz rellena con carne, envuelta en hojas de "achira".
  • Charqui: Carne de chancho seca y salada.
  • Llunca kashki con gallina: Caldo de gallina con trigo.
  • Pecan caldo: Caldo de cabeza de carnero con mondongo o vísceras, patitas y hierbabuena. Se sirve con papa sancochada y/o mote.
Tumbes cuisine
Ancash - Huaraz Tourism Info
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