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Peru Recommended Tours
Peru Recommended Tours
Tours Destination :
Cusco & Machupicchu
8d / 7n
Machupicchu & Titicaca Lake
10d / 9n
Machupicchu & Nazca
11d / 10n
Machupicchu & Rainforest
11d / 10n
Inca Trail to Machupicchu
12d / 11n
Machupicchu & The Amazon
12d /11n
Machupicchu,Nazca & Titicaca
13d /12n
Wonders of Peru & Bolivia
14d /13n
From the Andes to the Rainforest
16d /15n
Total Peru Tour
22d / 21n
Honeymoon in Machupicchu
8d / 7n
Inti Raymi Tours
9d / 8n
Relax in Cusco
10d / 9n
Peru & Comfort
12d / 11n
Enjoy & Help in Peru
14d / 13n
Royal Tours in Peru
15d / 14n
Peru Mystic Experience
15d / 14n
Extreme adrenaline in Peru
16d / 15n
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Brunning Museum


The Brüning Museum , also known as Museo Regional Arqueológico Enrique Bruning de Lambayeque was inaugurated in 1924 and it is located in two blocks of the principal park in Lambayeque, Peru. It was born as the fruit of the work of 48-year-old researcher of the Peruanista Enrique Bruning.
It is an excellent museum based on the collections of Bruning gathered at the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century. The Peruvian government acquired this collection in 1925. This museum has been constantly enriched by pieces obtained in confiscations, donations and discoveries. The most recent procurement are the pieces acquired in the Grave of the "Master of Sipán". His remains and the mortuary trousseau rest between the walls of the museum. The Golden Room shows up to 500 works of art.
The museum was constructed as a modern and functional facility, inspired by the works of Corbusier. There are more than 1500 pieces from different cultures, including an invaluable textile collection and ceramics of Chimú and Vicus. Thousands of golden objects are kept in sealed rooms, including funeral masks of copper, ceremonial vessels, an extraordinary necklace and jewelry of provenientes of Mochica and Chimú and pieces of the culture Lambayeque.
In the gardens of this beautiful museum depositor emphasizes the figure of Naylamp, founder of the Lambayecanos Kings' dynasty. The frontage has a mural with Lambayecanos motives. The interior of the principal building is a sequence of four levels, between his brokers and lounges exhibit more than 1,400 archaeological pieces, declarations that were bequeathed of the cultures Lambayeque, Moche, Chavín, Vicus, Inca and others. The most important pieces date of more than 10,000 years ago.

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